Cola Float


Karan – Koron

Everyone loves sweetness! 

This nostalgic ‘Cola Float’ is 150 years long-established Matusalem based cocktail with craft cola and homemade yoghurt ice cream. The name ‘Karan-Koron’ remind us of creaky door in retro café which made nostalgic and heart-warming feeling.

Matusalem has one of the lowest sugar levels among rum.

It appreciated as the perfect mixer for craft cola made from honey and cane sugar adding with many spices; ginger, nutmeg, kola nuts, cardamom, coffee bean and lemon slice. These various spices enhance rum rich flavor. We made and serve yogurt ice cream with liquid nitrogen right in front of you!

We use eco-friendly bamboo straws to reduce plastic as much as possible.

Matusalem / Craft Cola 

Homemade Yogurt Ice Cream / Cherry