Haikara San

High Collar or ‘Haikara’ in Japanese pronunciation means western fashion lover. 

They love keeping up with trends and new things. The classic Tequila Sunrise is twisted based on Los Siete Misterios which is delicate but make you feel earthy and powerful behind.

Japanese Green Pepper ‘Sansho’ will come through your nose, aroma of mezcal and buckwheat ‘soba’ tea will bring new experience. The aroma is very powerful because it is made by rubbing soba tea with mezcal using a pestle and a mortar (a tool for making sesame seeds).


Serve in Namika Nakai’s ceramic art, a new attempt to mix soil and ceramic glaze before baking. 

Mezcal Los Siete Misterios / Japanese Green Pepper ‘Sansho’

Buckwheat ‘Soba’ Tea / Fresh orange juice / Edible flower