Modern Girl

Blah Blah Blah --- Many people are chitchatting about fashion trend again and again ---  

This cocktail gets inspiration from trendy expresso tonic. Tia Maria, Italian coffee liqueur is combined with homemade bitter syrup.

We made homemade syrup to match the richness of 100% Arabica coffee, the mild taste of Madagascar vanilla, and the deep flavor of Jamaican rum. This syrup is made by soaking squeezed citrus peel in water overnight and transferring the aroma and bitterness to the water.

By soaking several types of citrus, we can complete a voluminous aroma and refreshing bitterness that matches the complex and rich flavored Tia Maria.


Moreover, by using the parts that are normally thrown away, it also leads us to have sustainable spirit together. This syrup is also used for Gimlet and Gin Fizz. I know, Modern Girl is kind to nature.

Tia Maria / Citrus Bitter Syrup / Tonic

Coffee beans / Lime peel