Yumeji Bijin

Yumeji Takehisa, Japanese painter representing image of Taisho Romanticism, created painting called ‘Yumeji Shiki Bijin Ga’ which mean ‘'Beauty in the Yumeji Style' with unique sensation. He had been trying to portray new way of art for the rest of his life.


Based on ROKU GIN, we try to create new beautiful scent with tomato and Earl Gray tea. Japanese green tea, which is one of six botanicals in ROKU GIN, goes well with western Earl Gray tea. Moreover, the scent of bitter tea leaves matches tomatoes perfectly. Natural components of ripe yuzu enhance bergamot scent balanced well with silky yogurt-washed ROKU GIN.


The black sesame seeds floating in the middle represent ants drowning in love. Sure enough, Yumeji was a man with a lot of love.

Roku Gin / Tomato / Black Tea / Bergamot

Yogurt / Black sesame