Ants Adventure

The dreaming ants gathering in LIBRE expedition must have adventurous spirit.


We combined Japanese burdock root ‘gobo’, a down to earth ingredient, with passion fruit from faraway tropical country.

Japanese Sugar Candy ‘Kompeito’ are dotted around liked many dreams and stars floating in the night sky.


Infusing gobo in Ketel One vodka at 60°C for 1 hour to enhance wonderful scent of those ingredients without acridity.

Then, milk-washed homemade cordial of passion fruit puree with suze and honey goes smoothly with gobo infused vodka. They make wonderful mariage. Transparent cola syrup, made from cinnamon, clove and ginger, enhance rich and deep layer to the cocktail.

Japanese Burdock Root ‘Gobo’ infused Ketel One

Passion Fruit / Cola Syrup / Butterfly Pea

Japanese Sugar Candy ‘Kompeito’