Midnight Meeting 

Late at night, people never stop chitchatting.

Negroni is popular as aperitif in foreign countries, while we tend to drink in the middle of the night in Japan. We soak scent of late-night forest in Negroni.


Based on Nikka Coffey Gin followed by pleasantly tangy hints of Japanese green pepper ‘Sansho’, combined with Campari and homemade Kuromoji Leaf infused Mancino. Kuromoji is an endemic fragrant wood, tasting sweet and fresh.

In Japan, we mainly use Kuromoji wood for luxury toothpick. By adding Japanese aroma to the complicated spices-scented Campari and Mancino, warm and tasty all-day cocktail has arrived!

Japanese Green Pepper ‘Sansho’ Gin

Campari / Kuromoji Leaf infused Mancino

Bamboo Charcoal / Kuromoji Leaf / Gold Dust