Let’s think about your hometown sometimes. 


It’s cucumber and pineapple! But amazingly, this taste reminds you of Melon Cream Soda in retro café when you were little.


Ketel One is characterized by its silky softness using carefully selected wheat. With unique lingering taste sensation, the scent of combined material will stand out distinguishably. We add fresh cucumber & pineapple, vanilla, lime and milk to the silky Kettle One, then leave them overnight before strain to create clear and smooth cocktail.

Top with silky foam from Japanese Osmanthus called ‘Kinmokusei’. This garnish techniques creates Japanese nostalgic scent. Kinmokusei is an aromatic small orange flower similar to concept of elderflower in Europe.

Ketel One / Cucumber / Pineapple / Vanilla

Japanese Osmanthus ‘Kinmokusei’ / Dried Rose